Foot Doctors Near Me


Your feet do a lot of work every day. They support your weight and keep you moving. They have complex joints and are consist of many small bones. The odds aren’t low of getting your feet injured or your ankle dislocated since they play an important role in everyday tasks.

You might get your feet hurt while running, walking down a hill, or a common sports injury. In these cases, the podiatrist is the one you should be turning to. Podiatrists have PDM after their name instead of MD, after regular Foot doctors near me. They treat feet, ankles, and joints in severe conditions.

Podiatrists also treat diseases like diabetes which damages nerves in feet caused by neuropathy. It’s also called diabetic neuropathy.

Top Five Best Foot Doctor Near Me:

  1. Dr. Les Glubo, DPM

Foot Care Doctor

Address: 122 East 42nd StreetNew York, NY 10168

2. Dr. Ulin Sargeant, MD, MPH

Foot Care Doctor

Address: 1227 Buena Vista StDuarte, CA 91010

3. Dr. Lonnie Davis, MD

Foot Care Doctor

Address: 1701 Clarendon BlvdArlington, VA 22209

4. Dr. Fernando Porter, MD

Foot Care Doctor

Address: 12014 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902, United States

5. Jarynet Beltran, APRN

Foot Care Doctor

Address: 20200 W Dixie HighwayMiami, FL 33180

Foot Doctors Near Me

What is the role of podiatrists?

Podiatrists play an important role in providing treatment for commonly happening feet injuries. Odds are you might get an ankle dislocation while playing football or ingrown nails problem. They are always there for you.

They treat fractures, recommend physiotherapy, or go with surgery, whichever suits you the best.

They can provide preventive care which stops diseases like diabetes before they even affect the foot. These severe medical conditions can worsen foot conditions if not cured on time must contact a doctor near me.

What medical conditions do Podiatrists deal with?

Podiatrist deals with all the medical conditions related to your feet and legs linking to it. A podiatrist cure several medical problems you may have. They can either be chronic problems or a usual leg injury during a football match.

They diagnose and identify the actual problem and apply appropriate care on time. The treatment plan is based on the results gained from studying your medical condition and past medical records. They may choose physical or surgical methods to treat you, whichever they think is best.

These are some common medical conditions podiatrists deal with:

  • Ankle dislocation
  • Foot Surgery
  • Diabetic condition
  • Bunions
  • Ingrown toenails
Foot Doctors Near Me

When to see a podiatrist?

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body as they help you walk around. But still, most people neglect common foot issues and pain thinking it’s normal, which then leads up to causing severe damage to your feet.

You may have an old sports injury that still hurts or joint pain you have been suffering for months. Visiting the best podiatrist near you at your earliest is what you should be looking forward to if you don’t want to lose a toe or something.

Here are some symptoms you might be experiencing, hinting you to get to a Podiatrist ASAP!

  • Experiencing numbness, unusual pain, or swelling in your foot
  • Broke your ankle or foot during sports
  • Diabetic symptoms in feet
  • Overgrown calluses or extra skin
  • Randomly occurring joint pain in foot or ankle

Final Verdict

Taking good care of your feet can result in better performance overall all most of your important veins pass through your feet. Contact your primary care doctor to get you in touch with a reliable podiatrist, as it can benefit you in taking maximum care of your feet.

Bring your past medical records when you’re visiting a podiatrist, as it can help him know more about your past medical experiences and provide you a personalized treatment according to your needs must visit good doctors near me.