Best Naturopathic Doctors Near Me

Best Naturopathic Doctors Near Me


When you get sick or have any medical issues, who do you turn to? Your regular doctor to get medical treatment. There’s another type of treatment called naturopathic treatment, provided by a naturopathic doctor.

Naturopathy is a centuries-old natural way of treating the human body by approaching the mind and spirit. They identify, diagnose, and treat acute and chronic disorders to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Their treatment plan is based on all the factors leading to your disease like diet, anxiety, mental health, etc. And treat your condition accordingly to treat your disease.

You may have chronic pain or an illness that isn’t getting any better through traditional medicine, and naturopathy can be a way to go. It is aimed to give you that boost in your overall health to help you get the most out of your life. 

Top Five Best Naturopathic Doctors Near Me In USA

  1. Dr. Victor Tenenbaum, DO

Naturopathic Care Doctor

Address: 415 W BroadwayNew York, NY 10012

2. Dr. Shelly Shi, MD

Naturopathic Care Doctor

Address: 185 Canal StreetNew York, NY 10013

3. Dr. Nicole Singh, MD

Naturopathic Care Doctor

Address: 1120 19th St NWWashington, DC 20036

4. Dr. Secil Schodroski, FNP, DNP, NP

Naturopathic Care Doctor

Address: 1120 19th St NWWashington, DC 20036

5. Dr. Matthew Haag, MD

Naturopathic Care Doctor

Address: 2801 NW 23rd StOklahoma City, OK 73107

Best Naturopathic Doctors Near Me

How Does a Naturopathic Doctor Works?

Naturopathic doctors have a different way of approaching your disease. They aim to treat your whole body instead of just the area of the problem. They work by identifying all the factors that are causing illness.

Your doctor will examine your body briefly. They’ll also need your previous medical records to know the most about your health status. They’ll ask a series of questions about your current lifestyle, diet, or sleeping habits.

They’ll educate you on how to improve your lifestyle and create a personalized treatment plan for you that might include therapies, massages, an improved diet plan, and mental counseling. They also provide homeopathic and herbal medicine prescriptions for treatment.

Traditional Doctor vs. Naturopathic Doctor! Which one to Choose?

Naturopathic doctors have a different way of treating your disease. Your traditional doctor might diagnose your symptoms and prescribe medication to help alleviate the symptoms. 

A naturopathic doctor will aim to find all the underlying causes behind your disease. They focus on your overall well-being and not just your area of the problem.

Now you shouldn’t be replacing naturopathic treatment with conventional treatment. Naturopathy has its benefits and limits and can’t be used for emergencies like fatal injuries or surgeries. Also, you shouldn’t replace conventional treatment for serious diseases like cancer or heart problems.

Well, naturopathy can help improve your overall health and prevent illness before it happens to make you stay physically fit.

Best Naturopathic Doctors Near Me

What Conditions do Naturopathic Doctors Treat?

Naturopathic doctors treat various medical problems. The most common cases that they deal with are:

  • Chronic pain and diseases
  • Allergies
  • Chronic migraines
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Digestive problems
  • Fertility problems
  • Obesity

Final Verdict

So if you want better health or have some chronic problem and looking for a natural approach to it, Best Naturopathic Doctors Near Me are who you should turn to. They stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism to deal with your disease.

Consult your Primary care doctor near me for a referral for a Naturopathic doctor. It’s beneficial as your PCP already has all your previous medical records, and better knows your overall physical status. This way, both your PCP and Naturopathic doctor can work as a team to provide you with the best possible treatment.