Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me


When we talk of marijuana (commonly referred to as cannabis), the first thing that comes to our mind is some lethal drug, probably illegal. It can also be used as medicine for pain relief by patients suffering from chronic diseases or people with epilepsy or seizures. 

A few medical conditions qualify a patient for the use of medical marijuana. It’s also essential to consume the amount prescribed by the doctor near me, as consistent use of medical marijuana can lead to addiction, which will do more damage to your health rather than treating it.

Not all doctors prescribe marijuana to their patients. But when they do, a Medical marijuana ID card is issued to the qualifying patient, which he can use to buy marijuana from a pharmacy store. Patients are only sold the right amount prescribed by their doctors in different states you can also buy weed gummies online from different sources.

Talking about marijuana, we also have to know if it’s legal to use. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, including the District of Columbia.

These states have approved marijuana to treat patients with serious chronic diseases, relieve nerve pain, and reduce inflammation. The conditions for qualifying for medical cannabis can vary from state to state weed online Canada.

Top Five Best Medical Marijuana Doctor Near Me:

  1. Dr. Mila Mogilevsky, DO

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Address: 369 Lexington AveNew York, NY 10017

2. Dr. Miya Bazley, DC

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Address: 1712 I St NWWashington, DC 20006

3. Dr. Elizabeth Obi, DNP, CRNP

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Address: 10230 New Hampshire AveSilver Spring, MD 20903

4. Dr. Uzoamaka Phyllis Onyedebelu, DNP

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Address: 2840 Keller Springs RoadCarrollton, TX 75006

5. Dr. Vinay Chopra, MD

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Address: 2840 Keller Springs RoadCarrollton, TX 75006

Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

What is the role of a Medical Marijuana doctor?

Medical marijuana doctors don’t always recommend cannabis as a priority for treatment. They prescribe it if it’s the last option to treat your medical conditions.

Physicians are supposed to give their patients complete education about the side effects of marijuana and the results of over-consuming so that patients can take maximum benefit from it.

Medical marijuana doctors play a huge role in treating patients with epilepsy and seizures. According to research, the use of drugs like Cannabidiol Epidiolex, Dronabinol, and Nabilone made a huge drop in seizures and epilepsy in patients.

What conditions do Medical Marijuana doctors deal with?

Medical marijuana doctors deal with very specific and severe medical conditions like

  • Alzheimer
  • Severe chronic conditions causing pain
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Glaucoma (Condition that damages the optic nerve leading to blindness)
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Severe Schizophrenia and related mental conditions
  • Spasticity (Condition causing muscles to tighten abnormally)
  • Crohn’s disease

Do you even need a Medical Marijuana doctor?

Medical marijuana doctors only treat patients with specific disorders. The chances are low that you might qualify for Medical Marijuana unless you have a very severe condition.

Yes, if you’re going through severe nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy or experiencing pain caused by prolonged inflammation. Or maybe you’re suffering from serious anxiety issues. Only these kinds of critical medical conditions qualify for marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

There’s a reason why marijuana is highly criticized in our society, and these are its side effects. Consuming it in large quantities can result in serious damage to your health and mental conditions.

Most of its common side effects are:

  • Depression, affecting your mental health.
  • An unusually fast heartbeat.
  • Hallucinations, causing mental illness over time.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Slower reaction time.
  • Short term memory problems
  • Getting addicted to it gives relief to your body, which makes our body desire more and more

Final Verdict

Keeping all that in mind, a Medical marijuana doctor shouldn’t be your priority, as it can develop some serious health concerns. Doctors must advise their patients on how to consume it safely and effectively.

And even after treatment, some patients still feel the need to get back that adrenaline rush. Knowing the right amount for you can help you get less addicted.