Best OB-GYN Doctors Near Me

Best OB-GYN Doctors Near Me


OB-Gyn doctors are specialized in providing both obstetric and gyne care. Obstetrics involves the treatment of pregnant women and leads to childbirth, including delivery and further health monitoring to make sure the mother is physically fit.

Gynecological care is provided throughout life from the start of periods until post-menopause. It deals with all reproductive system problems, including chronic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Some women choose an OB-Gyn doctor as their primary care doctor to get preventive care for reproductive disorders. They have all your past medical records and provide better treatment during pregnancy and other issues.

OB-Gyn are qualified from medical school after completing a 4-year residency program in obstetrics and gynecology.

Top Five Best OB-GYN Doctors Near Me:

  1. Dr. Neena Agarwala, MD, MS

OB-Gyns Care Doctor

Address: 335 E 57th StNew York, NY 10022

2. Dr. Navita Modi, MD, FACOG

OB-Gyns Care Doctor

Address: 7525 Greenway Center DriveGreenbelt, MD 20770

3. Dr. Mary Cutting, MD

OB-Gyns Care Doctor

Address: 4660 Kenmore AveAlexandria, VA 22304

4. Dr. Haikun Li, MD

OB-Gyns Care Doctor

Address: 17269 Wild Horse CreekChesterfield, MO 63005

5. Dr. Michael Perry, MD, FACOG

OB-Gyns Care Doctor

Address: 842 N. Highland Ave NEAtlanta, GA 30306

Best OB-GYN Doctors Near Me

What’s the Difference Between OB-GYNs and Gynecologists?

OB-Gyn and gynecology seem like the same thing. It’s not.

OB-Gyn doctors are specialized in providing both Obstetric and Gyne treatment. They also deal with fertility issues and are trained to do surgeries like delivering a baby.

They also provide care after the baby is born to help the patient stay fit. They also do screening for cancer and treat various disorders.

On the other hand, Gynecologists specialize in diagnosing and treating reproductive system problems like vaginal infections or irregular menstruations. They only provide medical treatment and can’t do surgeries, like delivering a baby.

Gynecologists also perform screenings such as pelvic exams, pap smears, and breast exams.

Which Cases do OB-Gyns Work on?

OB-Gyns are specialized in treating all reproductive system and pregnancy problems and providing preventive care. 

Common medical cases OB-Gyns deal with are:

  • Treating common issues like anemia
  • Cesarean section delivery
  • Delivery through instruments during childbirth
  • Hysterectomy surgery
  • Breast health management and cancer screenings
  • Infertility treatment
  • Treat pelvic organ injuries through surgery
Best OB-GYN Doctors Near Me

When Should You See an OB-Gyn Doctor?

Usually, girls from 13 to 15 start to visit Best OB-GYN Doctors Near Me to deal with their medical issues. However, the pelvic test might not be required for the first few visits.

You might have your first pelvic exam at 21 years of age or whenever you start getting sexually active. Women usually have OB-Gyn doctors as their Primary care doctors, and this frequent visits over the years develop a bond with patients and doctors.

This bond eventually develops a relationship of trust, and women are more comfortable sharing their personal issues with the doctor.

her than this, people can also visit OB-Gyns if they face any of the following reproductive system problems:

  • Infertility
  • Complexity in pregnancy
  • Suspected miscarriage
  • Test to diagnose STD
  • Pain during sex
  • Concerns related to sexual and reproductive health

Final Verdict

As a girl in teenage or adulthood, it’s better to have an OB-Gyn doctor as a primary care doctor near me to get proper care for all your reproductive system needs and preventive care.

You can ask all your concerns about sex, reproductive health, pregnancy, and many other related problems. First, consult your doctor to get a recommendation for the best OB-Gyn doctor near you to get the best possible treatment.