Top Appointment Booking Apps Doctors Can Use in Healthcare Settings

The healthcare sector has always been challenging for doctors and IT developers, who keep working on developing the healthcare sector with their innovative ideas. 

The last 5 years have been very difficult for healthcare professionals. Including covid-19 year, which has become the root of healthcare problems.  

This was a huge problem for doctors as well as for patients to schedule appointments, but if we talk about the solution, that is the appointment booking system. 

It is an extremely useful tool. On a day-to-day basis, To book an appointment with a doctor using an appointment booking system. 

Hence, appointment-booking apps are used by the majority of professionals, especially doctors.

As per the report, “the world’s most trusted provider of mobile and IoT solutions – more than half of U.S. physicians (57%), offer their patients a mobile app to schedule appointments, access personal healthcare information, view lab results, and more.”

Today, we’ll discuss the best appointment scheduling apps for doctors. And how can it help doctors? 

Why do doctors prefer to use tools like appointment scheduling?

So, let’s get started. 

Top 10 appointment booking apps:

#1 Zoho booking: 

Zoho Booking is calendar-based scheduling software. It will assist you in managing the schedules of your team.

Also, multiple bookings, no-shows, repeated emails, and late payments are no longer an issue.

The Zoho booking app comes with a freemium plan. 

Discover the smart features of the Zoho booking app: 

  • Get booked for only the available slots
  • Set up buffer times 
  • Avoid last-minute bookings 
  • Define your break hours and times 
  • Enable mark off for vacation or day off 
  • Set time constraints to avoid cancellation
  • Send Personalized email 
  • Manage client calls 
  • Get a personalized booking page 
  • Flexible duration 
  • A variety of languages 
  • Use auto-mode to schedule meetings 
  • Use email or text message reminders instead of calling. 
  • Online payments 

Get solutions for a variety of fields like the sales team, recruiters, accountants, podcasts, and career consultation. 

Pricing of Zoho’s booking app:

#2 Appointlet: 

Appointlet was established in 2012 by Ezra Sandar-Bell. Appointlet has become the scheduling software choice for over 158,000 businesses, with millions of successful bookings. 

It is rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra, a leading software review site, where customers rate excellent products and customer service. 

Look at the dynamic features of the Appointlet booking app:

  • Set your availability 
  • Share your availability with a single link 
  • Organize your current meetings
  • Cancel and re-schedule effortlessly
  • Add a scheduling page on your website
  • Create custom intake forms 
  • Avoid being double booked 
  • Approve meetings manually
  • Accept a maximum number of meetings per day 
  • Limit the number of attendees per meeting
  • Account protection 
  • Set automated reminders and confirmation

The most significant elements of Appointlet, in my opinion, are calendar protection and meeting permission requests. But do you know what the best part is? 

With this simple tool, “Appointlet has generated $9 million in revenue in the previous eight months.” Customers get to choose when they wish to be contacted.

#3 Calendly: 

Calendly is a $3 billion startup company with over 10 million users and 50,000 businesses worldwide, as well as over 100 partner integrations. 

Calendly is a hub for scheduling meetings for professionals. 

Calendly has the following advantages: 

  • Availability preference 
  • Team scheduling 
  • Routing forms 
  • Automated responder 
  • Visiting polls for voting 
  • Different native apps for the browser, mobile, and CRM 
  • Qualify and book leads in real-time
  • Book fast appointments and meetings on LinkedIn 
  • Automated email notifications and reminders  

 Calendly allows you to book meetings without having to send and receive emails. 

#4 Setmore:

Setmore was founded in the year 2011 with 51–200 employees. It provides small business tools, appointment scheduling, software development, online marketing, and app development.  

Customers can schedule free appointments using the set-more platform. Manage all your appointments through one simple calendar system and give your business the freedom to grow.

Setmore’s diamond features: 

  • Enable the booking page on your website
  • Secure online payments 
  • Book a meeting using a QR code
  • Automated confirmation 
  • Email reminders 
  • Enable staff to log in to book appointments 
  • Book an appointment through social media

#5 Simply book:   

Today, Simply is one of the oldest appointment booking platforms, with more than 10+ years of experience.  

Simply has a large number of customer communities with over 30 million+ bookings, and it is available in 200+ countries as well. 

Professionals like doctors and technical bloggers from all over the world began using this simple appointment scheduling solution, which resulted in more traffic, new sign-ups, increased link authority, a higher Google ranking, and referrals.

Features included:  

  • Book appointments using different channels like websites, social media, and google business profiles
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Efficiently schedule your bookings via google meet 
  • Share your membership subscription with your clients
  • Create a customized intake form 
  • Send gift vouchers or coupons to your loyal clients

Solution for business:  

Simply is mainly focused on business solutions like marketing & sales and client management. 

Keep your loyal clients coming back by making them feel valued with the loyalty system, coupons, gift vouchers, etc.  

#6 Square appointment: 

Square Appointment opened its doors in 2009. As a result, they started building integrated omnichannel solutions. 

To help professionals book appointments, and manage staff.

In addition, the square appointment has established its domain across all 50 US states. 

with a good number of happy customers. 

Why the square appointment? (features): 

  • Enable a free online booking website
  • Set automated emails to respond 
  • No worries about the cancellation 
  • Integrate the schedule page into your website 
  • Chat with your clients using Square Messenger 
  • Create an individual employee account for your staff

#7 Doodle: 

Doodle is an appointment scheduling platform. Used by professionals like doctors, freelancers, consultants, etc. 

Doodle has collaborated with many apps such as google meet, Zoom, zapier , outlook, Webex, and Microsoft tools. 

Doodle has divided its services into three major categories. In individual, team, enterprise. 

Combined features of doodle: 

  • Schedule a meeting using tools such as Zoom, google meet, and Webex 
  • Hide participants’ information
  • Keep a logo on the booking page to help with branding
  • Get secure payments
  • Add limits on joining the meeting
  • Keep it professional for your participants with ad-free scheduling  
  • Keep track of team bookings

#8 Picktime:  

Picktime is free online scheduling software and a booking management system. 

Picktime serves their services to many businesses. like medical, education, events, and individual. It is really helpful for healthcare professionals.

Features for Medical: 

  • A personalized booking page for clinics and hospitals
  • Recurring appointment 
  • Multiple location access 
  • Staff scheduling 
  • Maintain patient database 
  • Automated SMS and e-mail reminders   
  • Turn your social media page into a booking system
  • Get a report with analytics
  • Enable real-time availability of doctors so that patients can see it 

#9 Calendar hero: 

Roy Pereira founded Calendar Hero in 2016. By raising a $250k fund in the first round of the series. 

They received the “start-up of the year” award from the Canadian innovation awards in 2018. 

How do calendar hero features make it easier to book an appointment?: 

  • Automated scheduling 
  • Customize your meeting by setting, time duration, availability, and more. 
  • Set a buffer between meetings 
  • Sync unlimited calendars 
  • Promote your brand by using logos and personalized messages
  • Enable CRM/ATS automation
  • Collect payments from invitees at the same time
  • Book meetings by sending an SMS to the AI meeting assistant

#10 Schedule once: 

Schedule once used to be a completely remote organization, but today it has 200 employees spread across six continents. 

Schedule once has added everchanging features such as chatbot conversation, video call, live chat, and meeting schedules that ultimately help you to handle your clients. 

Everchanging features: 

  • Schedule one-on-one meetings
  • Get a personalized booking page
  • Use panel meetings for booking appointments
  • Share a one-time link with your clients 
  • Add a guest to existing meetings 
  • Get reminders through alert notifications
  • Custom domain branding 
  • Chatbot conversation 

Schedule once comes with freemium Pricing plans:  


Doctors are still not using appointment booking apps. The reason is that most people do not afford the cost of booking an appointment with a doctor. 

Also, they do not consult developers regarding the building of apps. If they connect with software developers, they would suggest the best option for them. 

As a result, professionals such as doctors can take ideas and inspiration from these apps to create their own appointment-booking apps by hiring ‘Healthcare app development 

They can also select anyone by using filtering features that allow one to choose a specific booking platform. According to the specifications.