Best Renal Doctors Near Me

Best Renal Doctors Near Me


Are you experiencing kidney pain or any changes in urination habits? Well, chances are you’ve got a kidney problem. A renal doctor or a Nephrologist can be your best bet in treating your disease.

Most people think of kidneys as an organ that flushes waste out of the body in the form of urine. But there are other jobs of kidneys like balancing water, electrolyte, and acid-base levels in the body, controlling blood pressure, and producing Erythropoietin hormone.

Having kidney problems can worsen over time if not treated, leading to kidney failure. It can lead to other health problems like nerve damage, weak bones, and malnutrition.

If you have regular checkups at your primary care doctor near me, he might catch your symptoms earlier and diagnose your kidney disease on time. He’ll then refer you to a Nephrologist who’ll deal with your case and provide you with specialized treatment.

Top Five Best Renal Doctors Near Me

  1. Dr. Louis Sarantakos, OD

Renal Care Doctor

Address: 9 West 14th StreetNew York, NY 10011

2. Christiane Happi, CRNP, NP

Renal Care Doctor

Address: 10816 Hickory Ridge RdColumbia, MD 21044

3. Dr. Inna Yaskin, DO

Renal Care Doctor

Address: 2500 Hospital DriveMountain View, CA 94040

4. Dr. Jonathan Swetech, DO

Renal Care Doctor

Address: 43600 Garfield RdClinton Township, MI 48038

5. Dr. James Kingsley, MD

Renal Care Doctor

Address: 275 E Hillcrest DriveThousand Oaks, CA 91360

Best Renal Doctors Near Me

What Medical cases do Nephrologists deal with?

Nephrologists specialize in identifying and diagnosing various kidney problems like chronic kidney diseases, kidney stones, etc. Their focus is on treating the symptoms leading to your specific kidney problem.

These are common cases Nephrologists deal with:

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and salt that form inside your kidneys and cause severe pain. If the kidney stone is diagnosed earlier, it can be treated just by some medication and lots of water to pass the stone out of your system. In severe cases, you might require surgery to get the stone out.

Blood in urine

Having blood in urine can indicate a problem in your urinary tract (from the kidney to the bladder). It can be caused by urinary tract infection, kidney stone, kidney injury, or medication like penicillin and cyclophosphamide.

Kidney Infection

Kidney infections can be caused by bacteria that grow from any part of the urinary tract and travels to your kidneys. It’s more common in women as their urethra is shorter, making it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder up to the kidneys.

Best Renal Doctors Near Me

Polycystic kidney disease

In this disease, clusters of cysts filled with fluid are formed around or inside your kidney. These cysts grow over time, causing high blood pressure or even kidney failure. On-time treatment can prevent it from worsening, and a few lifestyle changes might help.

High Blood-Pressure

Your Nephrologist can help you with your high blood pressure problems, which can be caused by obesity, disturbed sleeping routine, excessive salt in the body, and a few other factors.

How do Nephrologists Work?

Nephrologists work by first identifying your symptoms and diagnosing your specific problem by conducting a few tests. They’ll start by taking your urine sample to check protein, hormones, and waste material levels.

Then they’ll perform an ultrasound to take pictures of your kidneys to study your case further. If your case is more severe, a CT scan might be performed, which takes pictures of your kidneys from different angles and compiles them in a single 3D-structure model.

If needed, a biopsy will then be done in which your doctor will remove a few small pieces of your kidney to study the samples under a microscope.

Final Verdict

So now you know how much kidneys are important for our body to function properly. If you notice any symptoms, contact your primary care doctor and consult the best renal doctor near you.

At your first appointment with your Nephrologist, bring your past medical record and a list of symptoms you’ve been facing to help him understand you better physically.

Start bringing major changes in your lifestyle like change in diet plan, sleeping routine, consuming alcohol, and getting rid of your smoking habits as it’s a matter of your life.