Best Holistic Doctor Near Me

Best Holistic Doctor Near Me


Most people see their regular Primary care doctor in case of common sickness to get a prescription for headaches, cough, etc. There’s another type of treatment called holistic care, which many people don’t know about.

Holistic doctors approach your disease not only medically but also physically and psychologically. Their treatment plan is based on all the factors causing your medical problems like diet, physical fitness, depression, or anxiety.

Holistic care not only treats your disease but also prevents it from occurring again. Unlike traditional doctors such as suboxone doctors near me, they also count your overall lifestyle in your treatment plan. Like your sleeping routine, diet plan, or personal life problems affecting your mental health.

According to them, your mind and mental stability play an important role in your overall health. The better and happier your lifestyle is, the more physically fit you are.

Top Five Best Holistic Doctor Near Me:

  1. Dr. Daniel Yoo, DPT, PT, OCS

Holistic Doctor

Address: 37 Union Square WNew York, NY 10003

2. Dr. Negassi Kristos Seyoum, PT, DPT

Holistic Doctor

Address: 8630 Fenton StreetSilver Spring, MD 20910

3. Dr. Armaghan Azad, MD

Holistic Doctor

Address: 26520 Cactus Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92555, United States

4. Dr. Dana Mirza, MD

Holistic Doctor

Address: 333 1st Street #A, San Francisco, CA, 94105

5. Dr. Jahnna Levy, DO

Holistic Doctor

Address: 631 Grand StJersey City, NJ 07304

What is the Role of Holistic Doctors?

Let’s say you visit a traditional doctor near me. He’ll prescribe medications to alleviate your symptoms. Unlike this, a holistic doctor will provide medication and advise a change in diet, sleeping routines, and some antidepressants for better mental health, depending on your medical condition.

Best Holistic Doctor Near Me also takes care of your overall well-being by advising regular exercises, psychotherapy, and counseling about ongoing personal life matters.

Getting a professional holistic doctor is also essential as not everyone is good at their job. Consult your primary care doctor to refer you to a trusted holistic doctor if you’re feeling the need to get one.

Types Of Holistic Treatments

Holistic doctors use several methods for patients’ well-being, whichever seems the most appropriate. They count on several factors to provide the best possible treatment plan for you.

These are the most common methods of Holistic care:

  • Acupuncture to promote natural healing abilities.
  • Chiropractic care for prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Traditional Medicines for medical treatment.
  • Nutritional care for having a proper and healthy diet.
  • Advising an Exercise routine.
  • Psychotherapy for improving mental health.
  • Providing Meditation and Yoga plans.

Why Holistic Doctor when Traditional Doctor Treats Just Fine?

Holistic doctors have a different way of approaching your disease than traditional doctors. Their treatment plan focuses on preventing the disease more than treating it to stop it from recurring.

But you also shouldn’t completely depend on holistic care rather than professional treatment as it can simply harm you, considering holistic care has its limits.

But like other good things, here’s a catch. Many holistic care methods are not scientifically proven and are simply bad for health. Some treatment plans impressively claiming to cure fatal diseases like cancer are not scientifically proven, expensive, and harmful to your health.

Getting standard treatment can be better than holistic care in serious cases—for example, chemotherapy and radiation are scientifically proven to cure diseases like cancer.

Final Verdict

So yes, if you’re looking for a doctor who can provide treatment with a whole-body approach to help you achieve that optimal well-being, then a Holistic doctor might be a better option.

But it would be best if you didn’t fully rely on holistic care as it’s not that advanced up to that traditional medical treatment. Especially in serious medical conditions, you must consult your primary care doctor to guide you to the best and safest treatment option.