Best Geriatric Doctor Near Me

Best Geriatric Doctor Near Me


You can’t stay physically fit at the age of 80. As you grow old, your cells degrade gradually, resulting in complex medical issues like weaker immunity, weaker bones, and a growing risk of diseases.

Most aging adults tend to have one or more chronic diseases. You could be facing Alzheimer’s and arthritis, both at once. Hence, requiring several medications to manage multiple diseases.

Your health issues also disrupt your daily life routine. You might not be able to even keep up with everyday tasks. A Geriatric doctor near me is who you should be turning to for managing your chronic diseases and helping you live a better life.

Top Five Best Geriatric Doctor Near Me

  1. Dr. John Dusay, MD

Geriatric Care Doctor

Address: 2250 Green St Apt 1, San Francisco, CA 94123

2. Dr. Rekha Bhandari, MD

Geriatric Care Doctor

Address: 385 Seneca AveRidgewood, NY 11385

3. Dr. Vu Tran, MD

Geriatric Care Doctor

Address: 16111 Beach BlvdHuntington Beach, CA 92647

4. Dr. Ali Rahimian, MD

Geriatric Care Doctor

Address: 8133 Leesburg PikeVienna, VA 22182

5. Dr. Sudha Challa, MD

Geriatric Care Doctor

Address: 2880 Old Alabama RdJohns Creek, GA 30022

What’s The Role of a Geriatric Doctor?

A Geriatric Doctor specializes in dealing with all medical problems which aging adults are going through. Their role is to provide treatment and care for multiple chronic diseases and other health conditions of older adults.

Best Geriatric Doctor Near Me

What Conditions do Geriatric Doctors Near Me Deal With?

A Geriatric doctor near me is responsible for managing your overall health and provides care to live a healthy and better life. They have various treatment methods, including medication, therapies, or even surgery if needed.

Diseases commonly treated by Geriatric doctors are:

  • Obesity: Mostly, older adults are usually retired or just unable to work anymore due to their health issues, making them less active. They don’t burn that many calories as they take in, making them build up fat. It then results in obesity which causes various heart problems.
  • Fall Injuries: As we age, our bones lose strength, resulting in balance and mobility problems. It makes fall injuries more common in these people. Geriatric doctors help restore mobility and lessen the risk of falling.
  • Dementia: Dementia is a term used for all brain problems that include loss of memory, thinking ability, problem-solving, and other mental abilities. It’s caused by damage to the brain happening over time, usually by Alzheimer’s disease. There is no specific cure for dementia. However, the treatment is aimed to treat dementia-causing diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or frontotemporal dementia.
  • Respiratory Disorder: Our respiratory system slowly gets affected as we age. Smoking habits or sleep-related problems may cause it. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the most common respiratory disorder at this age. Chronic bronchitis and asthma are also a part of it.
  • Heart diseases: Cardiovascular problems start affecting you once you start growing old. Mostly Geriatric doctors deal with patients who have already experienced a stroke or heart attack. Your treatment plan may include medication or even surgery if needed.

When do you Need a Geriatric Doctor Near you?

There’s no specific age to qualify for a Geriatric doctor. Mostly aging diseases occur after 60 years or later. Some start experiencing physical declines much earlier.

You may need to see a Geriatric Doctor near me if you:

  • Experience frail state of body
  • Impairments in any part of the body
  • Multiple Chronic diseases that require specialized treatment
  • Complex medical problems that your general physician cannot treat
Geriatric Doctor Near Me

Final Verdict

You can still be healthy when you grow old if you have maintained a healthy and proper lifestyle, including regular physical activities.

But suppose you’re going through all those age-related medical problems. In that case, you should consult your Primary care doctor to refer you to a highly qualified Geriatrician who can provide you with the best treatment.